Since 2003, Mlin-97 JSC operates a modern milling complex equipped with machines from world-leading firm BUHLER AG. The mill produces pure, high-quality wheat flours ranging from type 500 (white) to type 1850 (wholegrain). The raw material is provided by selected wheat varieties from our own grain production. The processing capacity of the milling complex is 140 tons of wheat per day.


The mill’s modern machines separate the useful ingredients of wheat (proteins, gluten, carbohydrates, starch) from the bran. The mill has the operational capacity to process 21 different fractions, based on quality and composition of the grain. The mixing of different fractions allows us to produce wheat flours with consistent quality parameters, regardless of the incoming raw material. These flours are suitable for the production of a variety of products such as pretzel sticks and bread, as well as for separate sale in the market. Our milling complex is also equipped with a FAWEMA flour-packing machine for 1kg and 5kg bags.

The mill has 128 electric machines installed, which are grouped into nine production lines. The whole process is based only on machine processing (milling, seiving) without any chemical processes such as fermentation or extraction. The first four lines are responsible for conditioning the wheat in preparation for the actual grinding. The conditioning process includes: removal of impurities; grooving (shelling) of wheat grains; moistening of wheat; and removing toxins from the surface of each wheat grain. The capacity of all the machines used for this treatment is seven tons of wheat per hour.



Separation of the fractions is carried out by a planzichter with ten compartments, each with 24 sieves with different characteristics and capacity of five tons per hour. All production, obtained after removal of bran and flour milling, is stored in eight separate silo cells. Flours obtained after mixing the different fractions are manufactured for the production of pretzel sticks and direct sale in the market.

All stages of processing and production are controlled in terms of quantity (produced flour) and quality (laboratory analysis).

Mlin-97 JSC is a 100% private company, a leading manufacturer in the Bulgarian baking industry, and owner of the best-selling domestic brand of pretzel sticks “HRUS-HRUS”.


1 Tutrakan street
7200 Razgrad, Bulgaria


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