Workshop For Pretzel Sticks

“Mlin 97” AD has modernized industrial base for the production of pretzel sticks. It is equipped with high-tech machines WERNER & PFLIEDERER, which are fully automated and allow the parallel production of different kinds of pretzel sticks. The workshop has two production lines for the production of pretzel sticks and two packaging machines. The assortment includes pretzel sticks with caraway, sesame, fiber, as well as pretzel sticks with special ingredients – for children, whole grain, beer and bio pretzel sticks.

The reconstruction of the facility in 2006 allows the production of packages of 40 to 250 grams for commercial purposes and promotional packages with reduced weight. Manual collection and packaging of the pretzel sticks has been replaced by two automated packaging machines made by the German company HASTAMAT GmbH. This is the beginning of the production of pretzel sticks in different weight with which the product causes a change in the production of the competitors in the Bulgarian market.