The production of “MlIn 97” AD can be delivered to any point in the country with own transport. The nature and specifics of the economic activity performed by the company requires daily operation of commercial motor vehicles for the purpose of realization of production in the commercial network.
For its needs the company has, respectively: three heavy-duty truck “Mercedes – Benz” with tail lift and payload of ten tons; five light commercial trucks with payload of four tons; buses – large dimentional – “Iveco” and “Ford”, a total of 10 vehicles; light commercial vehicles “Peugeot” and “Ford” – 6 pcs.
The vehicles are divided according to their needs at three bases: basic in the city of Razgrad and auxiliary, located respectively in the city of Sofia and the city of Plovdiv. The presence of centers in three locations enables the implementation of transport routes and lines to all area of the country.
The management of the transport activities of “Mlin – 97” AD, Razgrad, is carried out by a qualified personnel with the necessary knowledge, skills and professional competence. The operation of the transport activity with private vehicles is performed according to: laws and regulations; existing sanitary and hygienic norms; implemented standards; requirements of state institutions and bodies, including of the Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety, the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorateand, etc.