Our values

Pure natural and healthy products

The production of pure natural and healthy products is the basis on which we develop our business. It is characterized with genuine and natural taste because they are made from specially selected wheat flours created by traditional Bulgarian recipes.

Its own bio-technology

We respond to the challenges of the modern industrial environment. The energy that the pure uncontaminated food provides is the tone which the modern man needs. In the bio-mania world, the company developed its bio-technology for the production of bio-products.

The process of technological modernization and product innovation allows us to offer in the market a product that combines the requirements for healthy and rational nutrition.

Natural closed cycle

“Mlin 9” AD produces in a “natural closed cycle” and thus ensures the high quality of the entire production. It includes its own grain yield, production of flour of high-quality wheat varieties and continuous technological control of the levels of the manufacturing process of the whole production (from analysis of input materials in the laboratory of the company to supply in stores). The different types of bread, flour and pretzel sticks are produced by a qualified personnel with a high technological standard achieved on the basis of skills and experience. The raw materials we use are high quality, delivered from trusted partners.

Quality and variety

”Bread for the whole family” and “Hrus - Hrus great taste” are our slogans and they stand for quality and variety, with the opportunity for each user to find their preferred product. The production meets the various needs of our customers and forms in them new flavours, by introducing an increasingly wider range of products. The product list is headed by the pretzel sticks which are six types and are the best product in their product groups manufactured by Bulgarian producers. The second product line is bread and includes ten assortments and the third one is of wheat flour produced from selected varieties of wheat. Our products have a quality guaranteed in time which is not influenced by the season or the market situation.

Our products are made with:

Natural wheat flour, organic wheat, raw materials of verified origin

And without:

Preservatives, hydrogenated fats, GMOs.