• 1948Pastry cooperative “Hristo Botev” and bread cooperative “Beli Lom” were established.

  • 1949Bread production workshop was established.

  • 1958 It is transformed into TPC (territorial-production complex) “Ludogorie” and a second bread production workshop was put into

  • 1963 – 1966A new workshop for production of pastry, a workshop for production of bakery snacks and an administrative building were built

The Company

“Mlin 97” AD is a joint stock company with 100% private capital. It is the successor of one of the oldest enterprises of food industry in the city of Razgrad. The company's development is related to the management vision of Sally Shishmanov who was appointed Director in 1981 and who managed it for more than thirty years. The privatization of the enterprise in 1998 was carried out after years of process of modernization of production and is a model of how the transformation of ownership is the result of effective management and preparation for restructuring in the open market.

“Mlin 97” AD is a private company, a leading manufacturer in the baking industry of the country and owns the best-selling Bulgarian brand of pretzel sticks “Hrus-Hrus”. The great competitiveness of our business is determined by the closed production cycle, as the company has its own grain yield and a mill, equipped by the global leader in the industry, the German-Swiss company “BUHLER” AG. It also has a modernized production base for bread pretzels, equipped with high-tech machines HASTAMAT Gmbh.
  • 1976a workshop for production of pretzel sticks was built (capacity 600 tons per year)

  • 1978A workshops for the production of bread and pastry were modernized

  • 1980The enterprise become the leading regional producer of bread and bakery delicacies

  • 1995The enterprise was transformed into “Mlin – Razgrad” EOOD with owner Razgrad Municipality

The basis of our development is an innovative business strategy and open communication with the consumer. The policy of capital investment and introduction of new technologies leads to regular update of the production capabilities, ensures high quality of the created production, sets the standards of healthy nutrition and environmental protection. The company owns international certifications for Integrated management system and has covered all European requirements in terms of work organization and quality of production. It holds a special EU certification for production of organic products. The high qualification of the staff ensures the efficiency and quality of the production. The industrial base of “Mlin 97” AD is based in the city of Razgrad. The company has a subsidiary in Sofia, where the main base and warehouse are located. The second largest warehouse is in the city of Plovdiv. It works with an extensive distribution network and production of pretzel sticks, bread and flour has a nationwide dissemination.

  • 1997The company was gasified.

  • 1998Second production line for pretzel sticks was installed

    49% of the share capital was sold to an employee-management company; the enterprise was converted into a joint-stock company (AD)
  • 2000The second stage of privatization was completed, the investment company “Mlin 97” AD acquired 100% of the municipal enterprise “Mlin Razgrad” AD and the company continued its activities as a company with 100% private capital.

    A decision was made to build a new and modern equipped mill by making the largest investment in modernizing the base of the company.
  • 2003a modern mill complex equipped by the world's leading company in the industry “BUNHLER” AG and a new “Special breads” workshop were introduced and put into operation

  • 2005a partial reconstruction of the mill complex was made, new technological lines, percentage meter, sterilizers and further flour sieving were introduced

  • 2006a decision was made for the reconstruction of the “Pretzel Sticks” workshop and the introduction of two automated packaging machines of the German company HASTAMAT.

  • 2011a flour packing machine for small packages of 1 and 5 kg of the German company FAWEMA was put into operation.